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Desserts is just STRESSED backwards

So this year I got the bright idea of making ALL the Thanksgiving desserts.

Now making desserts is nothing new for me, I have always made the desserts in my family since I was young. The family used to rave about my brownies when I was in elementary school. The secret then, was mini M & M's.

Now that I'm older, the recipes have obviously gotten more complicated & I was ready to up my game this year.

Being a photographer is not my full time job, I am an Office Manager for a local roofing company. I do everything, so luckily for me, I was able to close the office early & send everyone home by 2 PM so I could get started baking.

This year I decided to make three desserts & attempt at making my first pumpkin pie!

The family usully buys a giant pumpkin pie when only like three people really like it. So I thought, let me give it a shot & make other things everyone else will enjoy.

I typically go with a chocolate dessert but I wanted a nice selection to choose from. So I did lots of research to narrow it down to my top three options.

When I bake, I don't always follow the recipe to a "T", I like to make a few changes along the way. So far, I have never had a complete disaster & had to throw anything away. But sometimes I do end up with extra of a certain ingredient .

That is what happened this time around; I went from three desserts to five along with icing, glazes etc.

One item I completely made up! Not sure what to call it but I combined an extra batter (ingredient) with another recipe &

ended up with something delicious! I tried a piece while icing it, couldn't resist.

Not sure how everything else came out, we will find out shortly.

Stay tuned to find out what I made & how it tasted!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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